Saturday, May 1, 2010

So as of Friday, I am officially done issue 2 of that freelance project I was talking about ("K:Living With it!") It feels so good to be free and to actually get out of the house again!! So, what is the first thing I do with my freedom? I attempt to clean my room!! It was MUCH overdue! Lots to go through since I am the biggest pack-rat...

Anyways, while tearing my room apart, I came across this old picture that I thought I'd share:

I thought for sure I had given this away to one of my friends, but it was hidden with my old graphic design projects (which I rarely look at 'cause they're so awful. I was the worst student!) Sandra had been scanned before, but I put an ugly blur filter over it, which I regretted. Tisha was scanned before too, but had been badly cropped. So, here's the WHOLE piece in all it's glory!!

...though Sen isn't gonna be Earth anymore... >___> This was drawn in early 2007.

Might post some other interesting finds later :D I unearthed 14 sketchbooks (spanning from 2005 to present) so I'm sure I'll find something weird and/or interesting to share...!

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Carolyn said...

It still looks amazing ;) I really like how Senritsu is posed, she looks very thoughtful ^^