Monday, August 18, 2008


I recently bought a Nintendo Wii. They are EVIL!! Especially the Mii creator. I'm on that machine for hours and when I look up I realize the day is over and I've accomplished nothing...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lineartzzz and Colourzzz


I do have the coloured version of this, but not with me! :( I'll post it when I get home. (<---at work now.)

The disgusted one is Dune Epsilon (friend's character) and the disgusting one, I mean, happy one, sorry, is Ridge Upsilon (a fan character of mine). I created this goof to be the complete opposite of my friend's character Dune. I thought to create him when I found out that the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet is named "Epsilon" and the 20th is "Upsilon" or "Ypsilon". Dune loves death and Ridge loves life. Dune sleeps in until 12 in the afternoon and Ridge is up jogging by 4 in the morning (on a late day, haha!) I'm sure Dune wants to kill Ridge 'cause he's so annoying, but knows that Ridge is so full of life he wouldn't die no matter what you tried.

I'm rambling about fictional characters again, aren't I? Oh no!

Friday, August 1, 2008

'Nother Suwenria sketch

Tampering with her profile. She's a frog! Haha!

WIP - hug that puppy!

A sneak peak at a picture I'm working on.
Now it's got a bit of paint on it! Ya-ta-dah! I felt like trying to paint something a little more emotional. And I find lately I just like drawing doggies.