Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey all! Hope you're doing well! Sorry for letting things die around here..! I have so much more to say about TCAF and so much work to do to get ready for FanExpo! My table application has been ACCEPTED! and now it's a matter of getting a bunch of merch made up! So much drawing to be had! And what do I do? Sit around the house and do nothing! Oh noes! I need a kick in the butt!!

Progress on In the Air, chapter 5: Cover page inked, thumbnails for pages 1-8 thumbnailed, and the very beginnings of pencils done on page 1!! I need to be more disciplined!! *Rolls up sleeves!* Wish me luck!!


Troy Little said...

Get that book done!! *kicks your butt*

(I must try and not distract so much... Well, I said TRY. )

Carolyn said...

I won't be around to distract you either ^_^ Good luck, dearie, hopefully I'll see a lot of Chapter Five done when I get back!! Then we can be comic goofs together!

PS I love that picture, Tomoyo is so dementedly happy ^O^