Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beginning again

In the Air - 5 by ~LarukuLover on deviantART

Finally a new picture! Whew! I'm so slow!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey all! Hope you're doing well! Sorry for letting things die around here..! I have so much more to say about TCAF and so much work to do to get ready for FanExpo! My table application has been ACCEPTED! and now it's a matter of getting a bunch of merch made up! So much drawing to be had! And what do I do? Sit around the house and do nothing! Oh noes! I need a kick in the butt!!

Progress on In the Air, chapter 5: Cover page inked, thumbnails for pages 1-8 thumbnailed, and the very beginnings of pencils done on page 1!! I need to be more disciplined!! *Rolls up sleeves!* Wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Live from TCAF!

Again, I steal all my pics from facebook... I really gotta take pictures of my own!! Well, here I am at TCAF sitting around waiting for my laptop to get re-juiced, so I'm taking a moment to post and letcha know how things are going!!

I'm having a BLAST here - so much to do and see!! Predictably, one of our first stops was Silver Snail comic shop, where I met this lovely lady:
Posing... I look like I want to kill this woman!
Here's a candid shot our friend PJ took of us at our table. Great to see him again! We also had a visit from another fellow Trapeze coworker, Ben Thomas. As well, I met Faith Erin Hicks who also has a history of working at Trapeze! I always feel a bit creepy when I come up to someone and start acting familiar because of something vague like that (Erin and I worked at Trapeze at different times)
Me in all my fat pony tshirt glory! I met Kate Beaton, but I always feel so intimidated by big names, so I slunk away pretty fast though I really wanted to talk to her! I live with many regrets. Well, she's here again today, we'll have to have some Maritime-living small talk!! (if I get up the nerve..!!)
And look! LOOK! We bumped into a Canadian randomly on the street!! No kiddin', eh? Natasha Kudashkina, another fellow Trapezian, just got her Canadian citizenship on Friday, and we had the great luck of meeting her randomly on the streets of Toronto to celebrate together!!

Congratulations, Natasha!! I laugh at how gray I am here and how bright Natasha is! We were joking here that I looked like a poor little homeless boy!! I was under the dilusion that Toronto MUST be warmer than PEI, and forgot to bring a jacket! Thanks again Troy for letting me borrow yours!! :D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ary preview books are ready for TCAF! 50 in total! These will be free handouts - that's right - FREE! So get 'em while they're available!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So as of Friday, I am officially done issue 2 of that freelance project I was talking about ("K:Living With it!") It feels so good to be free and to actually get out of the house again!! So, what is the first thing I do with my freedom? I attempt to clean my room!! It was MUCH overdue! Lots to go through since I am the biggest pack-rat...

Anyways, while tearing my room apart, I came across this old picture that I thought I'd share:

I thought for sure I had given this away to one of my friends, but it was hidden with my old graphic design projects (which I rarely look at 'cause they're so awful. I was the worst student!) Sandra had been scanned before, but I put an ugly blur filter over it, which I regretted. Tisha was scanned before too, but had been badly cropped. So, here's the WHOLE piece in all it's glory!!

...though Sen isn't gonna be Earth anymore... >___> This was drawn in early 2007.

Might post some other interesting finds later :D I unearthed 14 sketchbooks (spanning from 2005 to present) so I'm sure I'll find something weird and/or interesting to share...!