Sunday, February 27, 2011

Out with the Old...

...and in with the "new old"! Here's another recreated page from 2001. In this chapter, Sandra's sister (who doesn't exist in In the Air) tricks Sandra into going on a date with a guy named Paul. Sandra only agreed to go because she thought her sis was hooking her up with her crush. Jacob & Tailor tag along to attempt to torment Sandra. Sandra is at least thankful that they were going to a movie she wanted to see.

*drumrolls* Aaaand! The original page from 2001: (Tailor doesn't look a thing like he's supposed to!! For fun, I even recreated the bullies' hairstyles)

I don't know why these are so amusing to draw! I'm already searching for another page to recreate... >,>

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Need Inspiration?

As I've likely mentioned before, Ary Inspires! has started up once again! Like I am with all my personal comic projects, I'm working at a much slower pace than I'd like to. Ugh, I need a kick in the butt >__<;

I'm holding back from posting them online for when I have a good collection of 'em so that I can keep updates regular. But in the meantime! Here is a sneak-peek for you~!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old Old & New Old

Since I'm currently "between comics" with In the Air book 1 off to the printer and K:Living with It! issue 4 script in the works, I thought it would be fun to revisit a page from a comic I did years ago. The page this was based on was drawn back in February 2001.Here's the original:
It was a fun little project to do! If I still have time before the new K script is approved, I may have to make another one

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fan Art pt 4

Just 'cause I wanted to draw something cute.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canada Reads, the nation's "Battle of the Books", has come in with a disappointing start for me. 4 of the 5 panelists voted Jeff Lemire's "Essex County" out after one round. Why? Because it is not a real novel - it has more pictures than words - you can read it in an hour. Graphic novels have the literary equivilance of a twitter news feed.

I agree that novels and graphic novels are different mediums, but Essex County was on the polls for a reason, and the Canadian public voted it onto the list of top 5 Canadian novels for a reason.
Sara Quin was the panelist who was defending Essex County, and I agree with her statement, "I'm disappointed, but not surprised".

I usually don't like ranting on my blog, but it has been my dream since childhood to become a comics creator. I'm struggling, like so many others with the same dream, to tell stories in a medium I love so that I can share it with the world. Well, at least the part of the world that will have it ;). I think that no matter how you choose to tell your story - whether it be film, poetry, painting, word of mouth, graphic novel or written novel - every medium should be respected if they have content of value.

If you're going to hold a competition with the subtitle "Battle of the Books", and there are both written and graphic novels in the running, the judges shouldn't be allowed to dismiss one over the other based on how many words the book contains if the words chosen are meaningful.

But this is just my opinion! Here is the livestream so that you can have your own: Canada Reads Feb 7 2011

Fan Art pt 3

Part 3 in my fan art series! This time we Rowan Atkinson as BLACKADDER. When I have more time, I'd like to draw the Blackadders of each era (LOVE the season "Blackadder the Third")

(...Yeah, my caricatures are a bit lacking ^^;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Down Boy!

One of the 5 bonus comics that will be featured in "In the Air" book 1 :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fan Art pt 2

More fan arts! Someday I'll draw boys again.

(drawn from memory, so many details may be off)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Air Cover Art

In the Air comic cover by ~LarukuLover on deviantART

"In the Air" book 1 is finally coming close to seeing its days in print! I realise I had been talking about it since May of last year, but now - NOW - things are finally coming together. Above is the illustration I've created for the cover, leaving only a few little lose ends.

This week's goal: Getting everything rounded up and ready for ComiXpress! Let's see ITA in print within the next few months!