Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Needs a Scanner?

...When you have a camera?!


Actually, yeah. I very much want my scanner to work again. This camera doesn't take very good shots.

I've posted them up anyway. Have fun looking!

A baby horse and a mommy horse. I've been trying for years to draw better horses, and I'd like to think that I'm becoming a bit better at actually making them look like they're supposed to. (provided there is photo reference close at hand, haw haw)

Erm, random old doodle I thought was funny. (I found it in an old scans file of mine) Frollo loving Joyces? Well, remember that old 3D animation show Insectors? I used to watch that as a kid when it was on YTV. On the commercial the YTV guy called them "Floral loving Joyces", but as a fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame, I conveniently heard him wrong...
Here's another random doodle from my scans file. Remember that episode of Batman called "The Joker's Favor"? My favourite episode. So I went and drew this very... rough strip of it. It's drawn terribly, but that's why I think it's funny.

Here is another photo of a recent doodle. I found these puppies on the google image search and they were just too cute.


I can't seem to find the photo reference for this one... But it was found on Google or Yahoo image search.
Random Spidey. I hate the way his hand turned out, so I didn't feel like drawing the other.

'Nother random doodle from my scans file. Based on a Japanese game I like called Ouendan. The character designs in that are hilarious!

Character my friend Sabel created - Catherine. I should draw her characters for her more often >,

Last but not least, another character of Sabel's only drawn in my experimental "cartoony" style. Fairies and girly stuff - gotta love 'em!!