Sunday, May 9, 2010

Live from TCAF!

Again, I steal all my pics from facebook... I really gotta take pictures of my own!! Well, here I am at TCAF sitting around waiting for my laptop to get re-juiced, so I'm taking a moment to post and letcha know how things are going!!

I'm having a BLAST here - so much to do and see!! Predictably, one of our first stops was Silver Snail comic shop, where I met this lovely lady:
Posing... I look like I want to kill this woman!
Here's a candid shot our friend PJ took of us at our table. Great to see him again! We also had a visit from another fellow Trapeze coworker, Ben Thomas. As well, I met Faith Erin Hicks who also has a history of working at Trapeze! I always feel a bit creepy when I come up to someone and start acting familiar because of something vague like that (Erin and I worked at Trapeze at different times)
Me in all my fat pony tshirt glory! I met Kate Beaton, but I always feel so intimidated by big names, so I slunk away pretty fast though I really wanted to talk to her! I live with many regrets. Well, she's here again today, we'll have to have some Maritime-living small talk!! (if I get up the nerve..!!)
And look! LOOK! We bumped into a Canadian randomly on the street!! No kiddin', eh? Natasha Kudashkina, another fellow Trapezian, just got her Canadian citizenship on Friday, and we had the great luck of meeting her randomly on the streets of Toronto to celebrate together!!

Congratulations, Natasha!! I laugh at how gray I am here and how bright Natasha is! We were joking here that I looked like a poor little homeless boy!! I was under the dilusion that Toronto MUST be warmer than PEI, and forgot to bring a jacket! Thanks again Troy for letting me borrow yours!! :D


christinadraws said...

I met that statue when I was in Toronto last fall! That's an awesome shop! You better get lots of comics for me to borrow. Haha. Have fun!

rew foe said...

HI! i read the ary mini comic. very nice work. you draw good.

lovely meeting you yesterday, hope you are enjoying your stay in the tee dot.

all the best

andREW FOErster (haha see what i did there?)

Bren said...

Oh Christina, I have got SO many comics for you to borrow, you can count on that!! :D

Good meeting you too, andREW (haha!) Thanks for reading the Ary comic!! :D Toronto has been great, I'm very sad to be leaving tomorrow!!