Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know I really shouldn't be doodling on the cintiqs at work... but I can't help it..!
Here are the beginnings... *dun dun duuuun*
ps: I promise I'll try to draw guys for a change soon!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nobody knows gnomes like Gnome knows gnomes!

More clay projects! I've been stressed lately, and working with clay really helps calm me down lately. I wanted to make a present for my friend Nelly (she gave me the clay after all!) so I made her her character Gnome. :) My sister Teresa was over for a couple sleepovers too, so she made some of her very first clay sculptures! I was surprised that she was so excited to do this with me. It made me very happy!

Here is the Gnome before she was painted. She looks slightly creepy!! The big head next to her is Teresa's Temple Fugate - the Clock King from the Batman animated series. He's not completely done yet - we keep having trouble with his ear falling off!!

Now onto Teresa's other piece. Well, this actually is her first piece! A lovely penguin. Pretty awesome for her first try!
Here is our little buddy all painted and ready to go. He's very cute and classy in his bow tie!

...and another angle. :)

Here's how the Gnome turned out. I ended up getting fancy with glueing paper flowers on there. I also got out my shiney gold pen to colour her hair barrets and glazed over her eyes with clear nail polish for an extra shine. :)

Another angle.

Close up. Oh Gnome, stop eating the pretty flowers!

And another angle. xD