Friday, May 29, 2009

May was busy... @__@

Hey there! I have returned!! As the title says, May was busy busy busy! I probably didn't have thaaat much to do, but I realize I work at a slow pace, so I end up taking up lots of time on every little thing!! Here was my list:

- Children's book illustrations (flash based work, so things tended to get slow)
- Sample comic page in full colour for a job I was offered. Things worked out and the job is mine! Sa-weet!! :D Now before the month is up I need two more pages for a proposal...
- Teen Encounter: getting letters done for all the teens that would be on the weekend and making up the banner.
- Getting ready for Anime North!! I made a costume, though my sis helped with lots of it. It was my first time cosplaying. xD I'm such a geek, har har!

On top of all this, my car broke down!! D: It's not so bad, since my mom offered to drive us to the grocery stores.


The trip to Toronto was a good one, though. :D I didn't take in much of the sites, but I got to meet up with a friend I worked with last summer. I also got to visit my Uncle, who then drove my sis and I up to see the rest of the family. At the convention, I got to meet Svetlana Chmakova again!! She is so super sweet! I feel like such a geek next to her. We had a guest Artist Jam panel, and there were about 10 people in all. Svet was there, and I met another webcomics artist, Tara Tallan, who was also super awesome and sweet!! She writes the comic called "Galaxion", and I was lucky to buy a copy from her art table later in the weekend. :) I brought my binder with my "In the Air" comic in it, but in the end I was too shy to show them!! xD~!

Anyway, here are some pics from the Art Jam. It really was the highlight of the con for me!

Watching a video on his PSP. This is the guy who drew the Teddy Ruxpin! If you know his name let me know so I can give him credit for his picture!! :D
Nelly with the Matt pic! These pictures went up for auction on Saturday, I guess! :D (I was visiting my friend all Saturday and I missed things!)

Drawing away! :D I love this kind of bonding!! :D
Top left corner = Tara Tallan
Top right corner = My sis, Carolyn
Bottom left corner = me xD
Bottom middle = Svetlana
Bottom right (Teddy Ruxpin) ... Shoot, I forgot his name!! D:
Well, that's all for now from me. I really want to draw more IN THE AIR, but it has to take back seat, as always! D: Next week the last page of chapter 3 will be posted on, and then I'll have no choice but to go on hiatus for a couple months... *is sad* The end of June I'll be going back to the office to work on season 2 of Razzberry Jazzberry Jam. I can't wait to finally get steady income again..! haha! Wish me luck!!
"Look!! It's a CN tower!! :D"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sculpy Clay

Yesterday my friend Nelly came over and we finally finished up our secret project: Clay projects with our ol' pal Sculpy! It's been such a long time since I've made anything out of clay. Jr High and Highschool were I think my prime (since I had soooo much free time after school!!) Anyway, here are some pictures of the night!

Nelly working on her swirls! I was so annoyed with myself! Last night she left before I was able to get a picture of her finished work! Next time I go over to her place I'll have to bring my camera! :D She made a cute cat boy reading a book, and here we see her working on her multicoloured swirl tablet. The finished version of that had a cute pink heart in the middle!

Here are my silly bits of clay, getting ready to go in the oven. Seems I can't get my In the Air work off my mind..! Those little blobs of flat clay next to them were eventually to become their stands.
Here the two are after being painted and spray finished. Sandra ended up looking a little braindead and Fred seems like he's plotting world domination or something! Anyway, here's some more shots of Sandra. I did some turn-around shots so that you could see the whole thing.

...and the detail of the braindead expression! Haha! And now onto Mr. Chal├ępas..!

Nelly and I made fun of his funny little butt *snerk!!*

Such a fun night! I love doing little crafty bits!! I especially forgot how relaxing making clay figures was! Nelly and I definitely need to have another night of crafting!

Peace out!