Monday, September 29, 2008

Ary Animation~!

NOTE: This is just a screenshot of the animation!

There was not much to do at work today, so I practiced my stretches and squashes (very informally) with Ary! You can watch the animation on my DeviantArt page:

Have fun watching~!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Excuse to Update

First, a random sketch of the kikimyoumyou members. xD ( It still hasn't been finished *snff snff*

Yays for painting~! Medium - inks, watercolours, and acrylics :3

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Camera!!

I got a sweet new camera. Therefore you MUST put up with my lame photos! Nya ha ha!

This is my sister's cat Meem. She's so fat, but that's what makes her so cute.
Scary fan! Oh no! (runs away)
Bananas are yum!
Part of a desk.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I recently bought a Nintendo Wii. They are EVIL!! Especially the Mii creator. I'm on that machine for hours and when I look up I realize the day is over and I've accomplished nothing...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lineartzzz and Colourzzz


I do have the coloured version of this, but not with me! :( I'll post it when I get home. (<---at work now.)

The disgusted one is Dune Epsilon (friend's character) and the disgusting one, I mean, happy one, sorry, is Ridge Upsilon (a fan character of mine). I created this goof to be the complete opposite of my friend's character Dune. I thought to create him when I found out that the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet is named "Epsilon" and the 20th is "Upsilon" or "Ypsilon". Dune loves death and Ridge loves life. Dune sleeps in until 12 in the afternoon and Ridge is up jogging by 4 in the morning (on a late day, haha!) I'm sure Dune wants to kill Ridge 'cause he's so annoying, but knows that Ridge is so full of life he wouldn't die no matter what you tried.

I'm rambling about fictional characters again, aren't I? Oh no!

Friday, August 1, 2008

'Nother Suwenria sketch

Tampering with her profile. She's a frog! Haha!

WIP - hug that puppy!

A sneak peak at a picture I'm working on.
Now it's got a bit of paint on it! Ya-ta-dah! I felt like trying to paint something a little more emotional. And I find lately I just like drawing doggies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mario Doodle

I was going to upload a second picture, but it's taking so long I figure I'll save it for another time. In the meanwhile, enjoy this poorly drawn picture of Mario. The idea behind it is the thought of a game that actually featured Mario doing his job (Jeff at my work thought up the idea, I just did the "concept art")

Monday, July 7, 2008

Photoshop Colouring

Yay for colouring on photoshop! I think I'm getting a bit better...
An image for my online comic In The Air (found on
...drawing anime style is really a guilty pleasure of mine... xD

Friday, July 4, 2008

More Characters

I've been trying to redesign these characters of mine for quite some time now. Things are still pretty unsettled, but here are a few I thought were fun.

Here we have Tatian Elfiore and his little brother Clem. They are the two Elvin princes. I'm liking Clem's look, but at the same there's still something that isn't right about it. This is my first time redesigning Tatian, so I currently don't have an opinion on this... It'll take a few more sketches of him like this before I decide.

Suwenria Thatsanelf - the girl Tatian found in the Directory of Damsels in Distress when his father forced him to get out and find a bride. I kinda like her demented cuteness in this redesign.

Gordon, the no-nonsense captain of the Elvin Guards. The kingdom is generally peaceful, so he ends up being more of a babysitter for the two princes. I'm not so happy with Gordon's design here, so you may see a few more versions of him here before I'm finished.

Xion and Donkhar, my feminine man and my masculine woman. Xion is an imp and half brother of Gordon's. He's always plotting ways to disturb the peace of the Elves. Donkhar is the Dwarf princess, and she has the hots for Tatian. As for the designs, Donkhar needs work - Xion pretty close, but just a little more.

And then we have Perrin, the cowardly human and wanna-be knight. He meets up with Suwenria on her quest to return to the Dragons. His face cracks me up in this picture!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Looks like someone fell victim to the invasion of lumpypants...

Banner images

Here are the little drawings from the banner above. Ary is kind of like my Mickey Mouse. She follows me wherever I go.

This is Ary. I created her I believe in 6th grade, and she's continued to evolve with me as the years go on. She's pretty well the embodiment of my inner insanity (she looks innocent, but she's not!! Don't trust that cute face!!).
Aymar is Ary's cynical and sarcastic cousin. He always tries to bring Ary down, so he usually ends up the victim of most of her tantrums.
Jim is Ary's love interest, though he is the total opposite. He's introverted and paranoid (especially since Ary loves to flirt with all the hot guys).
Last but not least, there's Triffanne, who is always happy and perky. Unfortunately for Aymar, she's crazy about him and there's no insult that phases her. She generally loves everyone though, including Ary who may even dislike her more than Aymar.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Needs a Scanner?

...When you have a camera?!


Actually, yeah. I very much want my scanner to work again. This camera doesn't take very good shots.

I've posted them up anyway. Have fun looking!

A baby horse and a mommy horse. I've been trying for years to draw better horses, and I'd like to think that I'm becoming a bit better at actually making them look like they're supposed to. (provided there is photo reference close at hand, haw haw)

Erm, random old doodle I thought was funny. (I found it in an old scans file of mine) Frollo loving Joyces? Well, remember that old 3D animation show Insectors? I used to watch that as a kid when it was on YTV. On the commercial the YTV guy called them "Floral loving Joyces", but as a fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame, I conveniently heard him wrong...
Here's another random doodle from my scans file. Remember that episode of Batman called "The Joker's Favor"? My favourite episode. So I went and drew this very... rough strip of it. It's drawn terribly, but that's why I think it's funny.

Here is another photo of a recent doodle. I found these puppies on the google image search and they were just too cute.


I can't seem to find the photo reference for this one... But it was found on Google or Yahoo image search.
Random Spidey. I hate the way his hand turned out, so I didn't feel like drawing the other.

'Nother random doodle from my scans file. Based on a Japanese game I like called Ouendan. The character designs in that are hilarious!

Character my friend Sabel created - Catherine. I should draw her characters for her more often >,

Last but not least, another character of Sabel's only drawn in my experimental "cartoony" style. Fairies and girly stuff - gotta love 'em!!