Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Sketchbook

New sketchbook, meaning I have something to put up here (besides all those music videos!) I've been on a bit of a creative low, so I don't have too much to show other than what I've been doing in life drawing class. I do have a couple In the Air sketches, so I'll start with those :)Sandra sitting and thinking. In a very "life drawing-esque" type drawing. I'm trying to get better at coming up with outfits. Either I'm too critical of myself or I am really kinda sucky at outfits and clothing. I can't decide which it is.
A more whimsical Sandra. Erm, other than blues and greens, I had a pink pencil, so I attempted to do a blush. Maybe she's had a few too many to drink?Aah, I need to practice drawing guys more. Poor Fred has the most boring poses because I'm not good at coming up with men's poses. The little doodle in the corner was a bunch of scribbles with a head, so what you see there is really all that's worth seeing.
Here I started doing some chibis. I stopped halfway because we had to drive my friend home. Some day, this may get finished.
Now, onto the results of my latest life drawing class. My friend Alvin's been giving me good tips on anatomy. This week I tried my best to focus on a strong line of action and working on the structure of the pelvis and legs. I still wimp out though when it comes to drawing hands and feet.
These sketches here are the quicky, warm-up sketches. We have about 2 minutes for each pose.
Another 2 minute sketch. I didn't use my time and lines wisely enough for this one!
20 minute sketches.
'Nother 20 minute
20 minute
20 minute. (my heads kept ending up too big!)
These next ones are from previous weeks. So for your viewing pleasure... (insert drumroll here)

Ta-dah!! The end!! :D


Tally said...

These are really great!!! The bodies in perspective are AWESOME. I think that you will really benefit from life drawing, because you can not only draw what you see, but dissect that and apply it in poses drawn from imagination.

Bren said...

Aaaaw, thank you so so much, Tally!! Your support really means a lot! *hugs*

Carolyn said...

Great drawings, Brendee! You do good work :)

christinadraws said...

Nice life drawings! Where do you do these?