Monday, September 14, 2009

More Shenanigans

Here's lookin' at ya, kid! Ary is finally painted and glazed :)
Full body shot.
Her bum.
Can you tell that I love painting girly eyelashes?
'Nother angle...
...and one more. Look, she's batting her eyelashes at you!!
Now, onto some drawings from today. On my lunch break I headed on over to the coffee shop to doodle. First off, I was trying my hand at Delilah from Tally's comic-in-the-works The Second Witch of Wilhem. These are pretty quick sketches, so sorry if I didn't do her justice, Tally! @___@
I decided to give up on any fancy sketches and just did straight pen doodles. Here, Ary torments and confuses Delilah. She's auditioning for the role of Delilah's cat, but odds are she won't get the job.
Delilah as a more "traditional" witch? Hm...
Beatrice made it into my doodles too. I was sitting next to the Angora Napkin pages on that are on the wall, so this was bound to happen.

Ary's over-the-top-happy friend(?) Triffanne. She looks demented and creepy, hence the label.


Troy Little said...

Cute Ary sculpture! And hey, there's Beatrice - nice!

Bren said...

Yep, Beatrice snuck in there, the little sneak..!! :D