Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Word Up!

Hey all! I arrived home yesterday from my trip to Halifax. I had a blast! The reason for the trip? Dave Sim: The Last Signing at Strange Adventures comics was reason #1, and reason #2 was "Word on the Street"
First off, here is a little bit about Dave Sim's last signing on Friday. My boyfriend Troy is a HUGE fan of Cerebus, Dave's main comic project spanning from 1977-2004. I went having not read a single issue. O__O; Now I need to go fix that...

The signing was scheduled from 10pm-12am, but Dave took his time telling stories and talking with everyone who came up, so it ended up going on until 4:30am. It was quite a test of endurance, and I was ready to pass out by the end of it. I made it 'til 3, when we were up, and I'm glad that I stuck it out. Dave was a really nice guy, and it felt good to have him take his time to chat with us while he signed our books.

The next night was the Glamourpuss formal party at The Economy Shoe Shop. I always love an excuse to get fancy!! This is us trying to look all "hollywood"

Dave got to work making name tags for everyone. He was also getting videos of the ladies proclaiming that they loved Glamourpuss more than ___ (insert item of fashion here). I got it messed up and stated that I loved Glamourpuss more than my cat Meem. So yeah, if you keep track of Cerebus TV, you may someday see me making a fool of myself on camera (it happens a lot, actually)

Sunday had us busy with the "Word on the Street" event. It was only one day from 11am-6pm, but I managed to pass out 85% of my preview books and even sell a few buttons!

Many people gave me good words and comments, which is good to hear since I tend to get too down on myself about my work. This lovely lady above is Rej, who seemed really excited to pick up a copy for herself and a friend. Thanks, Rej!

Mike and Blair Kitchen were our neighbours for the event. It was great seeing them again! We even managed to get a collab pic together, which we lovingly titled "Big Guns"

Close up of the drawing
We had lots of time between events to take in the city of Halifax, which was amazing! I've been there twice before, but I never did get to see too much of it until now. The waterfront was my favourite place. It was like the (much) older brother to our waterfront in Charlottetown.

...and some other drawings that took place! Here's an Ary I drew on the table covering at the Argyle restaurant. You don't want Ary as your customer - she's a messy eater and leaves a lousy tip.

Drew a cover in for my new sketchook.
Just 'cause of all the ducks I photographed.

And a Tisha at the tea shop!

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I'm glad you had so much fun, Brendee :D