Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FanExpo 2010

I survived FanExpo 2010!! The experience was up and down for me. Huge crowds with very little interest in indy comics, which was a little disheartening at first. I eventually broke out of my shell and wandered around to the other occupants of artist alley/indy press and met a few awesome people and did some trades. Into the second day, people actually started to stop by and chat. I was happy that my friends Cassie, James, and Emily even took the time to find my table and say hi. Thinking back, I can't blame people for passing by for the first bit - there was so much to look at! I admit to feeling a little lightheaded just from browsing the dealer's room!

A shot of the table during working hours. :) I got a pack of sketch cards from Lance, and I ended up just doodling on them all weekend. I even managed to sell a couple! I was suprised when one guy came back showing me how he made my sketch card image the background on his phone!

You never have a shortage of plushies at con! I loves them :)
So, all in all, FanExpo 2010 was a good experience! There were some downs, but also an over abundance of ups! I'm definitley glad to be back on the red soil of PEI though. I am such a home body! Gonna get back to my country girl roots and run around in a corn field maze today!! Sweet.

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