Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to drawin'

Hm, looking at the last few posts, I see I've strayed from my doodles theme. Time to correct it! Here are some of the sketchcards that I made during FanExpo.

I got the sketchcards from the artist of this next picture: Lance Sawyer.
We did a card exchange and I chose Sandra for hime to draw! Thanks, Lance! :D
Now, time for some of Christina's lovely artwork!
Christina and I, as you know, shared a table, so we kept drawing fan art for eachother. This one above is in response to a pic of Len and Sandra chibis I made for her, with Len giving advice for how to get a guy's attention!
Mike Kitchen's SpyGuy with guest star, Ary!

Blair's custom cover for The Possum mini comic

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