Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sweetest Gifts

I got some sweet surprises for my birthday yesterday. First off, at work, Troy brought in a case full of cupcakes decorated like 1-Up mushrooms in honour of the day! I didn't have a camera on me, and the cupcakes were quickly devoured. Thanks again, you're so sweet! (I know you'll be reading this!)

After coming home from my dinner date, I was jumped by my friends who popped out of the kitchen! There were balloons everywhere, as they blew up a whole pack of 'em, just for me! I was so surprised! And then came the cake Allie made for me! Look! It's a little Sandra with a strawberry! (points to the photo above) Nelly got me a bouquet of flowers, and Audrey and Carolyn got me some sweet new NintendoDS games! I am so luck to have such great friends!

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE for such a great day yesterday!! OMG, you spoil me so much!! I don't deserve it!! If you're reading this, know that I love you all! Thanks for making my birthday so awesome!


Anselme said...

Sweeet. xD I hope you best birthday wishes as well AND NOW YOU'RE AS OLD AS ME.

That cake was awesome. o_o WAS IT GOOD?

Troy Little said...

1 UP! Glad you had a great birthday! :D

Nimhel said...

WAH! Haha, it was fun throwing balloons at you. ^_^ Glad you liked the cake... even though it was a little dry :P

Troy Little said...

Dry?!? That cake was perfection!! (Brenda shared a teeny bit with me). My compliments to the chef.

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to you! And many more! ^^;