Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Lifedrawing?! *groans*

More lifedrawings? *groan!* - is probably what you're thinking. But yep, I'm posting more of my life drawing progress. I've been bad and haven't been going regularily... (gasps!) Gotta fix that! stuck on a pose, so I let my eyes wander around the room and I drew one of the regulars.
Ponyo modelled for us??!! No, just kidding. This is me getting stumped on a pose again and letting my mind wander.
Anyways, that's all the life drawing I'm willing to show (I'm sure no one wants to see the other scribbles!) Have a great day everyone!!


Carolyn said...

Yay Teddie!

Troy Little said...


Bren said...

Ponyo's modelling fee was a pound of ham. :)

Teddie is pretty fun to draw! I just need to make him rounder next time I doodle him! ^_^