Sunday, November 15, 2009

In the Air Doodle Dump

It's about time I posted some actual drawings onto this blog! My motivation for comic work has gone down the drain lately - I really need to get my confidence back up again so that I can work smoothly again! Anyways, here are some doodles I've made in an attempt to get my fighting spirit back!! Hwa!

Until next time, folks!


Carolyn said...

I like the Sandra running at the end, and of course, Fred and that lady (I name her Christine, lol) ^^

Troy Little said...

A slump now and again is merely you re-charging your creative batteries for the onslaught of pages about to fly forth from your nimble fingers!

More Comic Wednesdays! ^_^

I agree with Carolyn, very cute Sandra at the bottom! Where is she going???

Bren said...

Hahah, I love that her name is Christine! Though you have to roll the "r" when you pronounce it!!

I agree - more Comic Wednesdays! Hopefully soon the pages will start coming in waves! I've gotta keep the faith!

As for where Sandra's going... Letsee... She's running from an angry mob of kilted men who were just victims of a freak gust of wind!