Friday, May 29, 2009

May was busy... @__@

Hey there! I have returned!! As the title says, May was busy busy busy! I probably didn't have thaaat much to do, but I realize I work at a slow pace, so I end up taking up lots of time on every little thing!! Here was my list:

- Children's book illustrations (flash based work, so things tended to get slow)
- Sample comic page in full colour for a job I was offered. Things worked out and the job is mine! Sa-weet!! :D Now before the month is up I need two more pages for a proposal...
- Teen Encounter: getting letters done for all the teens that would be on the weekend and making up the banner.
- Getting ready for Anime North!! I made a costume, though my sis helped with lots of it. It was my first time cosplaying. xD I'm such a geek, har har!

On top of all this, my car broke down!! D: It's not so bad, since my mom offered to drive us to the grocery stores.


The trip to Toronto was a good one, though. :D I didn't take in much of the sites, but I got to meet up with a friend I worked with last summer. I also got to visit my Uncle, who then drove my sis and I up to see the rest of the family. At the convention, I got to meet Svetlana Chmakova again!! She is so super sweet! I feel like such a geek next to her. We had a guest Artist Jam panel, and there were about 10 people in all. Svet was there, and I met another webcomics artist, Tara Tallan, who was also super awesome and sweet!! She writes the comic called "Galaxion", and I was lucky to buy a copy from her art table later in the weekend. :) I brought my binder with my "In the Air" comic in it, but in the end I was too shy to show them!! xD~!

Anyway, here are some pics from the Art Jam. It really was the highlight of the con for me!

Watching a video on his PSP. This is the guy who drew the Teddy Ruxpin! If you know his name let me know so I can give him credit for his picture!! :D
Nelly with the Matt pic! These pictures went up for auction on Saturday, I guess! :D (I was visiting my friend all Saturday and I missed things!)

Drawing away! :D I love this kind of bonding!! :D
Top left corner = Tara Tallan
Top right corner = My sis, Carolyn
Bottom left corner = me xD
Bottom middle = Svetlana
Bottom right (Teddy Ruxpin) ... Shoot, I forgot his name!! D:
Well, that's all for now from me. I really want to draw more IN THE AIR, but it has to take back seat, as always! D: Next week the last page of chapter 3 will be posted on, and then I'll have no choice but to go on hiatus for a couple months... *is sad* The end of June I'll be going back to the office to work on season 2 of Razzberry Jazzberry Jam. I can't wait to finally get steady income again..! haha! Wish me luck!!
"Look!! It's a CN tower!! :D"

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