Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanks to my friend Allie, I was able to try out copic markers for the first time!! Now I'm a little hooked. I ended up colouring 4 pictures and was up until 4am sketching and inking so that I'd have more things to colour!! Once I get back to work and make some more money, I'm going to have to invest in my own
Tisha and her water of doooom!! The outfit is a little bizzare... I've gotta come up with cooler and much more clever outfit designs for her.

Senritsu :) The background is kinda... yeah, not the greatest. At all. The grey sparkles were not a good choice. The original picture was touched up with Nelly's gel pens, so it shines in places in. Too bad it's impossible to scan shiney like that . Oh well :)Sandra. The side of the pic is skewed since she was drawn close to the rings of my sketchbook. I'm trying to draw my characters with better fashion sense. I'm hopeless when it comes to fashion.
Another character of mine from another story. His name is Kazimar Yyntai. I haven't drawn him in a while! Well, I did at the guest art jam at Anime North, but I mean in general I don't draw him much any more. :( I've gotta come up with better ideas and a more solid story structure for this comic. Kaz is a character I'd rather not throw away!!

So, that's pretty much that. Oh, I've had some time to work on In the Air pages, too. :) I have 6 pages of chapter 4 finished!! (well, they still need to be toned.) Here's a sneak peak - some of the pencils!! I can get lazy with pencilling sometimes, so there are notes on areas saying that "in this blank space, draw grass", or "continue with action lines for inks" xD

Enjoy!! And everyone have a great day/night/morning/insert time of day here!!



Tally said...

Your Copic work is gorgeous! The marker work looks like acrylic in some areas. :D You're so multitalented!

Bren said...

Right back at you, Tally!!
Your watercolour skillz are shaping up nicely :)
Your working so hard on your art lately, it makes me feel so lazzzy!!

By the way, I noticed from one of your photos that we have the same type of watercolour paints. High five me!!