Thursday, April 30, 2009

Animoo North!!

Hey there!

As the title says, yes, I'm going to ramble on about Anime North.
It's happening at the end of May. It will be my first time at the con, as well as my first time cosplaying! It's been ages since I've sewn anything, so wish me luck!! As for who I'm cosplaying, it's Rin from the japanese DS game Ouendan. (I think her name's Rin if I remember correctly! Haha, my memory sucks!!) She's the pink haired cheerleader below:
My progress so far is that I have everything but the top and the skirt. I've done everything but the sewing part!! (Oh noes!!) My sister Carolyn, whom I'm sharing an apartment with, is much more experienced with cosplay, and has done at least 5 costumes in her time :) She's going to cosplay the leader of the blue cheerleader team from Ouendan, actually. :)

Here are the shoes that I've painted. The symbol is a liiiiittle too big, but I was thankful for that mistake in the end because the details were small enough to paint as is!

Here is the Red Team's symbol. I traced over it in Flash because a) I couldn't find an image of just the logo by itself on a white background and b) Vector images are awesome because you can resize them by any percent and never lose the quality! :D

Here's how the wig looks. It is not the right style - I messed up again there. The back is really short hair D: I'll just settle for this 50% correct wig and get a new one if I feel like it! By the way Teresa, sorry you have such a strange older sister! Haha!

Once things pick up more on the costume, I'll post more images of it. Anyways, it's almost 10 and I haven't eaten breakfast yet @___@. My stomach is mad at me.

I'm very happy 'cause today I'll be seeing my Gnome~! :D We're working on a top-secret project together. (shhhh!!) I'll blog about it once it's done. Speaking of secret projects, I've gotten a third comic project on the go now!! Well, it's not set in stone yet, but feedback on sketches and design are positive. I'm excited too because it'll be my first paying comic job! So wish me luck on that :D

Talk to you guys later, have an awesome day!


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