Monday, April 20, 2009

...I'm not dead!

Sorry guys for the lack of posts here... :(
I guess I became self conscious of my drawings for a bit there?
Some days I worry that drawing anime/manga style is embarrassing for someone trying out to become professional...
I have to come to terms with the fact that it's what I do and stop feeling embarrassed!
Well, I'll make it up to you and continue posting :)
With that intro, let me post for you some of my recent drawings. :D
First off, I went to a local Anime Convention and I actually got some commissions! Here are Alex (redhead) and Skye (goth loli) All in all, I'm happy they turned out all right :) They were commissions, so I tried to make them as clean as possible!! The colouring was very simple, since that's all the commissioners wanted, so there wasn't much opportunity to mess up too bad anyways. Like always, there are some things I could nit-pick about these, but I'll spare you guys!
Okay, more linearts ^^ I really love the inking stage! Anyways, here are the three girls from Angora Napkin, a graphic novel/pilot animation series by Troy Little and Nick Cross. I helped colour some backgrounds for the episode "Avacadaver", so I was wanting to do a fanart for Troy as a present. Since I'm always all over the place, this only made it to the lineart stage!! Hopefully soon I'll be able to slap some colour onto it... :3 (ps, sorry for the watermark there! It's to stop anyone else from colouring it before me...)
Okay, now onto some comic stuffies~!
I think I mentioned before that I'm working on an online comic.
If not, well, I am, and it's called "In The Air", and is available on
Needless to say, it eats up lots of my time!
But it's fun and I've always enjoyed writing/drawing comics, so to me it's time well spent! :D
I'm finishing up toning the last pages of chapter 3 and have started drawing out chapter 4.
I'll post some pages so you can see what's going on...

The story is only just taking off, so I keep wanting to draw out the pages rather than working on what I'm supposed to be doing @__@ And then I also plan on going back and touching up the earlier artwork so I can get the chapters printed up in book form. Waagh, I've gotta get to my REAL work~! Haha!

I'm also working on another comic project. I'm collaborating with a writer for this one! So far there aren't many pages drawn up, so it's staying secret for now. ;)

For now, I'll end this here. I promise I'll keep up with this blog better! @__@;;


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