Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My buttons for FanExpo have arrived! I just went to pick them up and here are the results:

I am a happy customer!! Each button is 1.25", and they will be sold in packs based on series as well as individually. Pricing isn't down solid, so I'll get back to that closer to the convention. For people who can't make it to FanExpo and want some buttons, I'll try to get a store set up online so you can order some. :)

The buttons were ordered from SixCentPress.com. Great site for buttons! Located in Vancouver BC, they were quick with my order, great with communication, have an awesome print quality, and are well priced! If you're thinking of printing up buttons of your own, I highly recommend these guys!


christinadraws said...

I can't wait to get one of each! Fan Expo, here we come! Shame I'm not going to have anything done for it at this rate.

Bren said...

How many pages is the remake of Never issue 1? Even if you aren't able to get it finished, I'll gladly help you make preview books if you want ^__^

Anselme said...

I wanna buy the ITA buttons. :D

Tally said...

They look great!! :D I hope I can visit your table at a convention one of these years!

Bren said...

Yay, 'Sabellies! Glad you like 'em :D

Tally, I'd love to visit one of your tables someday too!! If I keep raiding your Etsy I may not have much to buy, but I'd have a heckuva lot for you to sign! :D Hee hee~!!