Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AutoBio Daydream...


Tally said...

I had all of those hesitations before starting Between Gears. I really hope that this will turn out to be the prologue to an autobio comic someday!! <3 *already a fan*

Troy Little said...

I'd love to read an autobio of yours. I love the way your character transforms from panel to panel to suit the mood - riot!!

I still laugh when I think of the ink spot/spiders comic you did!

Bren said...

Thanks so much, you guys!!
I'll have to keep an autobio in the back of my mind for when I have the time to work on one! :D

All the best on Between Gears, Tally! I'm happy to see it getting such positive feedback!! :D :D :D

christinadraws said...

So much fun!

I've thought about doing one too, just to keep myself drawing everyday, but when I try to think of something to say, I end up getting bored. 'Cause that's how exciting my life is.

But I agree with Troy and Tally, you should do one. I <3 your drawings.

rew foe said...

haha that's amazing.
i can relate to that
but you always have to remember that even though other peoples work is awesome, the only person who can make art like you IS you.

working on any big comics or projects at the moment?

Bren said...

yep, still plugging away on my webcomics "In the Air" and "Ary Inspires".

Yes, I often have to remind myself I can only give what I can give. Everyone has their own unique talents to share!!

Thanks for the great advice, Andrew ^__^

*turns to Christina and gives her biiig huggles*