Monday, August 17, 2009

Clay Ary

Unpainted clay Ary. She still has a little bit of drying left before I go to paint.

As a side note, my copy of Murphy's Law arrived today!! You can read this comic online on (same site my comic is on). Now I just wait for my Out of Place ( and my Lackadaisy volume 1 (


Tally said...

Oh gosh, the Murphy's Law book design is SO NICE. I need to buy that. And YOU need to put out an In The Air book when you reach a spot you like for it!!!

Bren said...

Yes, Murphy's Law turned out beautifully!
I really love so many of the comics on Wirepop, and can't wait for more to be available in print :)

Actually, lately I've been dreaming up ways to get In the Air in book form. When I've got the time and money to do it up the way I like, I'll definitely be posting here and on wirepop about it :)

Thanks for the interest! :D