Friday, July 4, 2008

More Characters

I've been trying to redesign these characters of mine for quite some time now. Things are still pretty unsettled, but here are a few I thought were fun.

Here we have Tatian Elfiore and his little brother Clem. They are the two Elvin princes. I'm liking Clem's look, but at the same there's still something that isn't right about it. This is my first time redesigning Tatian, so I currently don't have an opinion on this... It'll take a few more sketches of him like this before I decide.

Suwenria Thatsanelf - the girl Tatian found in the Directory of Damsels in Distress when his father forced him to get out and find a bride. I kinda like her demented cuteness in this redesign.

Gordon, the no-nonsense captain of the Elvin Guards. The kingdom is generally peaceful, so he ends up being more of a babysitter for the two princes. I'm not so happy with Gordon's design here, so you may see a few more versions of him here before I'm finished.

Xion and Donkhar, my feminine man and my masculine woman. Xion is an imp and half brother of Gordon's. He's always plotting ways to disturb the peace of the Elves. Donkhar is the Dwarf princess, and she has the hots for Tatian. As for the designs, Donkhar needs work - Xion pretty close, but just a little more.

And then we have Perrin, the cowardly human and wanna-be knight. He meets up with Suwenria on her quest to return to the Dragons. His face cracks me up in this picture!

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