Thursday, July 3, 2008

Banner images

Here are the little drawings from the banner above. Ary is kind of like my Mickey Mouse. She follows me wherever I go.

This is Ary. I created her I believe in 6th grade, and she's continued to evolve with me as the years go on. She's pretty well the embodiment of my inner insanity (she looks innocent, but she's not!! Don't trust that cute face!!).
Aymar is Ary's cynical and sarcastic cousin. He always tries to bring Ary down, so he usually ends up the victim of most of her tantrums.
Jim is Ary's love interest, though he is the total opposite. He's introverted and paranoid (especially since Ary loves to flirt with all the hot guys).
Last but not least, there's Triffanne, who is always happy and perky. Unfortunately for Aymar, she's crazy about him and there's no insult that phases her. She generally loves everyone though, including Ary who may even dislike her more than Aymar.

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