Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fan Art pt 1

Doodles from yesterday's trip to the coffee shop. For some reason I was fixated on drawing ridiculous Garfield pictures. He pretty much just looks like an Aryfied-Garfield hybrid.

As you can see, my Odies are top-notch.

The top Garfield in this one is loosely based on my cat Meem.

One thing I don't understand about the modern Garfield strips (aside from why they're still running), is why Garfield's feet are now bigger than, well, the rest of him? Is he a fat cat or a foot cat? I'm not sure I understand his character anymore. My example drawing of his new look is not very skilled, haha!

Some drawings of the humans. I forget Liz's hairstyle. And Lyman's too, for that matter.
And finally, the evolution of Garfield. These drawings are so poor, haha!

Hope you enjoyed!

(bonus Garfield! A drawing of him in profile!)

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