Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Living With It!

After quite a wait, I've finally recieved my copies of "K: Living With It!" issues 2&3. Issue 2 was drawn in March/April of this year, and issue 3 June/July. (Issue 1 was done last winter, but I'm a bit embarrassed of that one - the drawings were so bad!! <-self concious)

To my knowledge, the comics are available to children with hemophilia and their siblings through a free subscription.

Each issue is 12 pages long, and follows the life of a 16(?) year old boy named K who has hemophilia. He wants to join the school sports team, but he fears his parents will deny him a chance to join the basketball team since they are so over protective.

The comic is written by a writer from Montreal named Michael Libling.

I hired my friend to help with colouring for issue 3 because I was feeling a little overworked. Thanks for coming to my rescue, Audrey!

...and that's that! Haven't heard word yet about issue 4, so I've gotta do as much In the Air as I can before then..!!! Hee hee.


Anselme said...

Oh god I dunno how you can fit 12 pages in 2 months. I can barely finish one in one month lol. o_O

I wish I had someone to help me color flats xD

Bren said...

If only I could do this much work on my own projects, right? :P

To tell the truth, I hardly left my house when I was working on these. To avoid a mental breakdown, Audrey luckily agreed to help @__@