Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Look!

And about time! Things have been made to the theme of "In the Air", since I've decided to get serious about making the comic available in print form! My goal was to have it done and ready for sale by May, though I'm thinking now that may be a little ambitious! A couple freelance projects have popped up that need to take top priority. But "In the Air" WILL see print this year! Book 1 will include chapters 1-5, bonus art, in a mix of colour and black and white pages. Fingers crossed for this summer..!


Troy Little said...

Nice new look, love the new logo at the top!

Have I mentioned I've very excited about seeing ITA in print? WELL I AM! (I'm a print junkie). It'll be so good to see all your hard work come together in a book!

Go Brenda!

christinadraws said...

Great new look! It really feels In The Airish.
I too can't wait to get my hands on the paper version of the comic.

Carolyn said...

Pretty layout! It is very nice to look at! Good luck with In the Air, I wanna buy a printed copy!!

Bren said...

Thanks, everyone!! :D I'll keep doing my best and post ASAP about any updates on the book!! *hugggs*

Suzanne Marsden said...

Very much looking forward to the printed In The Air book Brenda! Congratulations on all your hard work.

Bren said...

Thanks, Sue *^__^*