Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pluggin' Along!

Workin' workin' workin' away! One more week at Trapeze Animations than helloooo unemployment!! WOOO! Wait - what?! Unemployment is nothing to be excited for! Though, this means I'll have loads of time to dedicate to comic work! Plus those guys I freelanced for back in August are going to be looking for issue #2 of "K-Living with It!" pretty soon. Lots and lots of drawing, so hopefully there'll be more to update here!
ps. yes, I stole the picture you took of me, Troy!


Tally said...

You're gonna be funemployed!! :D Can't wait to see more art from you, and I know you'll find an awesome job when you want it!

Bren said...

Funemployed! I like that! :D
Thanks for everything, Tally! You rock! Best of luck on your projects as well! :D

Troy Little said...

"Funemployed" is the best expression ever!

Great photo too ;)