Monday, October 19, 2009

The Joy of Sisters

Here's me with my two sisters, Carolyn and Susan. When I was little, we three would do everything together!! Recently I dug up an old story ("chapter book") we made back in 1995 - I was 8, Susan was 10, and Carolyn was 12 - the story was called Fairy Forest. We made a ton of these stories - though since I was youngest and couldn't write well enough yet, I stuck to just drawing some pictures.

Anyways, these drawings are pretty funny! Here's a sample of what our young minds came up with:

Here are our three fairy characters. Susan's has black hair, and hers was named Sincalace. Carolyn's is the blond, Pinsa. And mine is the brunette, named Laso. They were cousins whose mothers (who, for some reason, were all single mothers) all lived together in a mushroom house.
There is a human girl named Jessica who befriends the fairies (Susan's character), but her father the Boss (my character) was a greedy man who wanted to take the fairy's golden wings.

Here are the characters all angry at the Boss's evil-ness. (Jessica, the human, shrinks down to fairy size by the help of the mystical old witch, Isore.) Our oldest sister Angela had a character named Salla for a while (the one who looks an awful lot like Sleeping Beauty).
Here's Boss and his side kick, Ivan, "huddling" to form a plan. Yes, huddling... I wasn't a sick child, I swear! I laugh my head off that I drew them shirtless too. Naughty, naughty.
Well, that was a sampling of my past. Growing up with so many sisters was a lot of fun! Thank goodness we all grew up into respectable young adults.

Okay, I lied. Who wants to grow up to be a respectable adult, anyway? :)


Anselme said...

Oh man you gals were so cute. xD YAY for baby pictures!

Bren said...

Thanks, 'Sabell :) Yeah, Susan's face cracks me up every time I see this pic! :D From what I hear, this was taken for Carolyn's first communion, and Susan was mad 'cause she wanted a "cookie" too xD

Carolyn said...

lol, I love it!

Nimhel said...

Haha, so Susan's the one glaring at the camera? You guys are adorable.

Hannah said...

wah, I love them all!! Especially that drawing of the two men fighting. I was giggling at first, and then I just couldn't stop laughing when I read your description. XDD

And a very cute look at your past. :3

Hannah said...

Ok, I misread. It was huddling, not fighting. lol